The “Dad and I” series


The “Dad and I” series celebrates the quality time we spend with our fathers all year round.

Adults are often surprised at how children open up during these relaxed moments, an

opportunity to talk — and listen.


Having quality time together raises some questions. What should a dad talk about? Hooking a

minnow properly is always good, but what are the really important themes?

An essential topic for fathers is virtue. Most of the time, we fathers and sons eventually get

around to talking about the need for virtue in some obscure way during the growing years. But

what would happen if we intentionally talked about what virtue is — integrity, honesty, good

moral behavior, and respectability.


The Church is a great place to get direction and to help people understand not just the

definition of virtue, but the reason why it’s so very important for us as individuals, our families,

as well as for the survival of our society.


I truly hope that all parents grow wise enough to know that they have no greater ally in

achieving families of virtue, than the Church.


Eric Bjorlin