Some of Eric’s paintings have been reproduced as prints and posters using offset-lithography, and also as giclee prints.  These two processes affordably allow more people to own and enjoy a work of art than an original painting would.

The term “Limited Edition” means a definitive amount of prints are produced.  Each limited edition print is hand-signed by Eric, sequentially numbered and accompanied by a “Certificate of Authenticity.” Limited editions are printed on high-quality acid-free paper and printed with the highest quality fade-resistant inks.

An  “Open Edition” means no limit has been placed on the number of prints which may be produced.  All of Eric’s open edition prints are signed by the artist.

“Fine Art Posters” also have no limit on the number of posters which may be reproduced, and are typically not signed.

“Offset Lithography” is a photographic printing technique that uses inks, carried by rubber rollers called printing blankets, to transfer images from metal plates to paper.  Eric’s Limited Edition, Open Edition, and Fine Art Posters are reproduced using Offset Lithography.

A “Giclee” (zhee-CLAY) print is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity reproduction done on a special large format printer.  Giclees, a French term meaning “spraying of ink,” are produced from digital scans of the original artwork.  A fine stream of ink is sprayed onto a specially treated canvas or high quality acid-free paper. Each giclee is approved by Eric creating a canvas or paper print that truly represents the original.  Each giclee is hand-signed by Eric.  Many of Eric’s giclees canvases come stretched and ready to frame, although some canvas prints have been mounted onto a wood masonite panel by Eric, and the canvas prints can be rolled and shipped not stretched.


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